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Special Services Available

EYELINER - Enhance your natural beauty and shape. Eliminate the daily routine of penciling in your liner or those annoying runs and smudges. Great for those sad movies, swimming or tears of joy!

EYE BROWS - Create and maintain that perfect shape to enhance your beautiful eyes. This will help you create that softer look without the need to use a pencil each day. Fill in half brows or create a brow where there is no hair. Save time in the morning & boost your self-esteem.

FULL LIPS - Create greater definition and fullness using a soft or dramatic, natural color that will evenly blend or accentuate your natural color.

LIPLINER - Develop a naturally defined lip line to enhance your appearance. This process is perfect for definition, evenness or expansion of the natural lip line, also helps prevent lipstick bleeding.

Correction - Color and shape.

Scar Camouflage

Microblading - A more permanent solution to thin brows, Microblading by Angel in South Florida.

Brazilian Straightening - Angel has over 25 years of experience as a licensed cosmetologist. Her continuing education brings her clients the latest techniques in hair cutting, coloring (corrective color), highlighting and the new Brazilian Straightening & Condition treatment. See example here.

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Cosmetics Solutions

  • Enhance Features
  • Define Brows
  • Define Eyes & Lips
  • Correct uneven lines
  • Fill in sparce areas
  • Camouflague scalp and facial scars
  • Blend in scars from hair transplants
  • Look Younger and Feel More Confident!

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